13 Squadron

13 Field Survey Company 
Dates Location Higher Formation / Notes
1945 Italy  
1946.01 Palestine: Aller Camp on the Bethlehem to Hebron road  
  ??: Renamed 13 Field Survey Squadron   
Early 48 Egypt: Fayid  
  31 Aug 48: Squadron disbanded personnel were absorbed into 42 Survey Engineer Regiment  
13 Field Survey Company 
1950.04 England: Tolworth Reformed from No. 1 Survey Computing Unit
1951.04 England: Fernhurst Camp, near Haslemere  Independent
  Late summer 1956: Suez Crisis, sqn became closely involved in the survey support provided for the operation  
  Jan 57 - Aug 59: during this period field survey detachments were sent to Cyprus, the Arabian Peninsula, British North Borneo, the
Seychelles Islands and Christmas Island.
  Jun 58 - Sep 62: Carried out geodetic surveys necessary for ‘Operation Emily’, the installation of Thor Guided Missile sites  
1964.01 Aden: Falaise Camp, Little Aden Independent
1964.08 Aden: Normandy Lines, Khormaksar Independent
1967.07 England: ‘B’Camp Barton Stacey Independent
  4 Mar 68: Under command 42 Survey Engineer Regiment  42 Survey Engineer Regiment 
  Sep 73: Germany on Ex Barletta  
  May 1974: Germany on Ex Dominate XV  
  Jun 76: Renamed 13 Map Production Squadron  
1985.10 England: Denison Barracks, Hermitage 42 Survey Engineer Group
  ??: Renamed 13 Geographic Squadron  
2000's England: Denison Barracks, Hermitage 42 Engineer Regiment 

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