Royal Artillery

The Royal Regiment of Artillery

By Royal Warrant of King George I in 1716, two companies of Artillery were formed at Woolwich. In April of 1722 these joined with Companies in Gibraltar and the island of Minorca to form the Royal Regiment of Artillery. By 1757 there were 24 Companies divided into 2 Battalions. The Regiment continued to grow so that by 1771 there were 4 Battalions on strength. In the year of 1793 the Royal Horse Artillery was formed. In 1833, by the Royal Warrant of King William IV, the Battle honours and motto UBIQUE (Everywhere) followed by QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT (Whither Right and Glory Lead) were granted to the Regiment. By 1861 the regiments strength consisted of 29 Batteries of Royal Horse Artillery, 73 Field Batteries and 88 Garrison Batteries. In 1899, by Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria, the Royal Garrison Artillery was established as a separate corps, although in 1924 it was reunited with the Field Regiments to become the Royal Artillery. During the Great War (1914-1918) approximately 900,000 men, a quarter of the whole Army. In 1947 all Batteries except those of the Royal Horse Artillery were placed on a single roll. Since the end of the Second World War, major reorganisation has resulted in the Coast Artillery being disbanded, the Anti Tank role being discontinued and the Anti Aircraft Command abolished. The Regiment of today consists of 9 Batteries of Royal Horse Artillery and 71 other Batteries with a firepower of medium self propelled howitzers (AS90), rocket launchers (MLRS), light guns, Close and Area Air Defence systems (HVM and Rapier) and an array of targeting equipment, ranging from acoustic weapon locators, surveillance and target acquisition radars and unmanned air vehicles (Phoenix). In addition to all of this there is the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, the Army's official saluting Battery, who have the distinguished honour of taking Right of the Line when they have their Guns on parade. The Royal Regiment has Regiments who are trained in the Commando and Airborne light role and Regiments who support the various armoured Brigades and which are based mainly in the UK and Germany.

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