Territorial Army - Royal Artillery

The Territorial Army was reconstituted formally on 1.1.1947. Recruiting began 1.5.1947. Continuity with former units was maintained through the regiment except for independent batteries and troops

In 1967 all existing territorial regiments of artillery were disbanded. They were succeeded by new-formed units in both TAVR II and TAVR III.

Under the TAVR II five new regiments and three independent batteries were formed by amalgamation and styled as Volunteers. The main role of these units was to provide reinforcements to the BAOR.
Next, under the TAVR III 17 regiments were formed and designated Territorials. These regiments had a purely home defence role.
In 1969 these regiments were reduced to cadre strength when the TAVR III was disbanded. Some personnel transferred to other units, forming additional detachments. For example, the Air Defence Regiments (TAVR II) each created a new battery this way. By 1975 all cadres had either been disbanded, or converted as part of new-formed infantry battalions.

1986 saw some modest expansion of the territorial artilley when a new Air Defence Regiment was created, alongside four new batteries. Few years later however, under the Options for Change reforms, two regiments merged and Air Defence Regiments reduced to three batteries.
The most recent reforms, the Strategic Defence Review, meant creation of a new regiment part of the War Emergency Reserve, while another re-roled for the same duties.

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