Scottish Horse/Yeomanry

Date Unit Higher Formation
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. The Scottish Horse .
1947.01.01 Reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Dunkeld and transferred to Royal Armoured Corps .
. A Squadron at Blair Atholl .
. C (Lovat Scouts) Squadron at Inverness .
. D Squadron at Dunblane .
1949.01.01 C Squadron separated to form 677th Mountain Regiment, RA (Lovat Scouts); new C Squadron formed at Coupar Angus .
1956.10.31 Amalgamated with The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, to form The Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse .
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. The Scottish Yeomanry .
1992.11.01 Formed as the Army's fifth yeomanry regiment with HQ at Colinton Road, Edinburgh, by transfer and resuscitation of old regiments as squadrons: .
. HQ Squadron (The Lothians and Border Horse), at Colinton Road, Edinburgh, conversion of 225 Squadron, 154 (Lowland) Regiment RCT (V), effectively unamalgamating The Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry sqn in that regt (see B Sqn below) .
. A (Ayrshire Yeomanry) Squadron, at Ayr, transferred from The Queen's Own Yeomanry .
. B (Lanarkshire and Queen's Own Glasgow Yeomanry) Squadron, at East Kilbride, conversion of 222 (Queen's Own Lowland Yeomanry) Squadron, 154 (Lowland) Regiment RCT (V), effectively unamalgamating the QOLY, transferring the LBH lineage to HQ Sqn (above) .
. C (Fife and Forfar/Scottish Horse) Squadron at Cupar, conversion of 239 (Highland Yeomanry) Squadron, 153 (Highland) Regiment RCT (V) .
1995.02.10 Lovat Scouts Troop formed in C Squadron .
1999.07.01 As result of the Strategic Defence Review the regiment and HQ Sqn disbanded; A Sqn redesignated A (Ayrshire Yeomanry) Squadron, The Queen's Own Yeomanry; C Sqn redesignated C (Fife and Forfar/Scottish Horse) Squadron, The Queen's Own Yeomanry; B Sqn disbanded, but lineage assumed by 52 (Lanarkshire and Glasgow Yeomanry) Signal Squadron, 32 (Scottish) Signal Regiment, Royal Signals .
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