Queen's Own Yeomanry

Date Unit Higher Formation
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. 2nd Armoured Car Regiment .
1971.04.01 Formed in BAOR support role with HQ at Fenham Barracks, Newcastle upon Tyne, by reconstitution as squadrons of old regiments which had been reduced to cadre in 1969: The Queen's Own Yorkshire Yeomanry, The Ayrshire (Earl of Carrck's Own) Yeomanry, The Cheshire Yeomanry (Earl of Chester's) and The Northumberland Hussars .
. HQ Squadron at Fenham Barracks, Newcastle upon Tyne .
. A Squadron at York .
. B Squadron at Ayr .
. C Squadron at Chester .
1971.04.30 Redesignated The Queen's Own Yeomanry .
1972.11 Squadrons redesignated: .
. NH (Northumberland Hussars) Squadron at Newcastle upon Tyne .
. A (Ayrshire Yeomanry) Squadron at Ayr .
. C (Cheshire Yeomanry) Squadron at Chester .
. Y (Yorkshire) Squadron at York .
1986 D (Northumberland Hussars) Squadron formed at Cramlington from elements NH Squadron which was redesignated as HQ (Northumberland Hussars) Squadron .
1992.04.01 B Squadron The Royal Yeomanry at Nottingham tranferred to regiment as B (Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron .
1992.11.01 A Squadron at Ayr transferred as A Squadron, The Scottish Yeomanry .
1999.07.01 Squadrons reorganised as a result of the Strategic Defence Review: B Sqn at Nottingham transferred as S Squadron The Royal Yeomanry; C Sqn at Chester transferred as C Squadron The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry; D Sqn at Cramlington disbanded (personnel possibly to Squadron HQ and two Troops of 100 Squadron 168 Pioneer Regiment) .
. A (Ayrshire (Earl of Carrick's Own) Yeomanry) Squadron at Ayr, redesignation of A Squadron, The Scottish Yeomanry .
. B (North Irish Horse) Squadron at Belfast, by redesignation of the independent squadron, but remaining under OPCOM of The Royal Irish Rangers .
. C (Fife and Forfar Yeomanry/Scottish Horse) Squadron at Cupar, by redesignation of C Sqn, The Scottish Yeomanry .
. D (Northumberland Hussars) Squadron at Fenham Barracks, Newcastle, redesignation of HQ Squadron .
. Y (Yorkshire) Squadron at Yeomanry Barracks, York .
2006? A Sqn formed det at Motherwell; C Sqn formed det at Forfar by conversion of part of A (Black Watch) Coy, 51st Highland Regt; D Sqn formed det at Sunderland; Y Sqn formed det at Hull .
2013 Regimental HQ at Newcastle .
. A (Ayrshire Yeomanry Squadron) The Queen’s Own Yeomanry at Ayr. To resubordinate to RHQ in Edinburgh by Oct 2014 .
. B (North Irish Horse) Squadron at Belfast. To resubordinate to RHQ in Edinburgh by Oct 2014 .
. C (Fife and Forfar Yeomanry) Squadron at Cupar. To resubordinate to RHQ in Edinburgh by Oct 2014 .
. D (Northumberland Hussars) Squadron at Sunderland. To re-role as a HQ (Northumberland Hussars) Squadron at Newcastle by Oct 2014 .
. Y (Yorkshire Yeomanry) Squadron at York. To be A (Yorkshire Yeomanry) Squadron by Oct 2014 .
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