Somerset Light Infantry

Dates Locations Higher Formation/Remarks
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. 4th Battalion, The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) .
1947.01.01 Reconstituted in the T.A. with HQ at Bath 129 Infantry Brigade
. A Company at Bath .
. B Company at Bath .
. C Company at Glastonbury .
. D Company at Castle Cary .
1950.05.15 Absorbed 630 Medium Regiment RA (Somerset Light Infantry) and duplicate 6th Battalion without change of title .
. A Company at ? .
. B Company at ? .
. C Company at ? .
. D Company at ? .
1959.10.06 Transferred to the corps of The Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry without change of title .
1960.02.10 Redesignated The Somerset Light Infantry (Prince Albert's) [T.A.] .
1967.04.01 Disbanded and concurrently amalgamated with other Somerset T.A. units in TAVR III as The Somerset Yeomanry and Light Infantry (Territorials) in infantry role with HQ at Bath and companies as successors to T.A. units (including Reconnaissance Platoon and another platoon at Bath from 43 Division/District RE) .
. A Company (North Somerset and Bristol Yeomanry) at Keynsham, successor to The Somerset and Bristol Yeomanry RAC .
. B Company (West Somerset Yeomanry) at Yeovil, successor to 250th (Queen's Own Dorset and West Somerset Yeomanry) Medium Regiment RA .
. C Company (Somerset Light Infantry) at Bath, successor to The Somerset Light Infantry .
1968.07.10 Transferred to the corps of The Light Infantry without change of title .
1969.01.01 regiment reduced to cadre as The Somerset Yeomanry and Light Infantry at Keynsham, sponsored by 219 General Hospital RAMC .
1971.04.01 Three companies reconstituted from cadre in 6th (V) Battalion, The Light Infantry as: .
. HQ Company at Bath .
. A (Somerset Yeomanry Light Infantry) Company, at Bath with det at Midsomer Norton .
. B (Somerset Yeomanry Light Infantry) Company at Yeovil with det at Taunton .
1984 E (HSF) Company [6th Bn] formed at Bath .
1988.11.09 6th Bn LI redesignated as 6th (Somerset and Cornwall) Battalion, The Light Infantry (Volunteers) with HQ at Bath, and omitted company subtitles (two rifle coys and one HSF coy in Somerset); yeomanry lineage discontinued (but see later revival of North Somerset Yeomanry title) .
1993.02.26 A Coy and E (HSF) Coy disbanded; B Coy moved to Taunton with Pln at Yeovil .
1999.07.01 Reduced to B (Somerset Light Infantry) Company, The Rifle Volunteers at Taunton with Rifle Pln at Yeovil and Recce Pln at Bath by amalgamation of HQ Coy and B Coy 6th Bn, The Light Infantry (6 LI amalgamated with 4th (V) Bn, The Devonshire and Dorset Regt and part of 2nd (V) Bn, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regt) .
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