Mercian Regiment

Dates Locations Higher Formation/Remarks
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. 4th Battalion The Mercian Regiment .
2007.08.24 Formed by redesignation of The West Midlands Regiment (Volunteers) with HQ at Wolverhampton .
. HQ Company at Wolverhampton .
. A (Fusilier) Company at Sheldon, Birmingham with Pln at Coventry .
. B (Cheshire) Company at Ubique Barracks, Widnes by amalgamation of B Company and D Company, King's and Cheshire Regiment .
. C (Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters) Company at Kidderminster? and Mansfield?, amalgamation of C Company West Midlands Regiment and D Company East of England Regiment .
. D (Staffordshire) Company at Burton-on-Trent and Stoke-on-Trent, amalgamation of C Company and D Company, The West Midlands Regiment .
. E (Light Infantry) Company at Shrewsbury with Recce Pln at Hereford .
2013 Battalion HQ and HQ Company at Wolverhampton .
. A (Fusilier) Company at Sheldon, Birmingham .
. B Company at Ubique Barracks, Widnes, to be disbanded by 1 Apr 2018 .
. C (East of England) Company at Mansfield, to absorb 307 Battery, 100th Regiment RA at Nottingham which will re-role to infantry by 1 Jan 2014 .
. D (Staffords) Company at Crewe and Stoke-on-Trent. To consolidate at Stoke-on-Trent by Dec 2016 .
. E (Rifles) Company at Shrewsbury, to join 6th Battalion The Rifles by Dec 2014 .
. F Company at Burton-upon-Trent and Kidderminster. To be disbanded by Dec 2016 .
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