Fusilier Volunteers

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. Fusilier Volunteers .
1967.04.01 Formed in TAVR II with HQ at Coventry, successor to T.A. battalions of the Fusilier Brigade: .
. HQ (Warwickshire) Company at Coventry .
. A (The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) Company at Sandyford, Newcastle, successor to 4th/5th Battalion and 6th Battalion, The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers .
. B (The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers) Company at Coventry, successor to 7th Battalion, The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers; moved to Sheldon shortly afterwards .
. C (The City of London Company, Royal Fusiliers) at Balham, London, successor to The City of London Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers .
. D (The Lancashire Fusiliers) Company at Bury, successor to 5th Battalion, The Lancashire Fusiliers .
1968.04.23 Battalion redesignated 5th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers on formation of the large regiment .
1969.12.15 E (Northumberland) Company formed at Ashington and Alnwick from cadre of 7th (T) Battalion The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers .
1975.04.01 A (Northumberland) Company at Sandyford, Newcastle, transferred as X Company 6th Battalion; E (Northumberland) Company at Ashington and Alnwick transferred as Z Company 6th Battalion .
1982? G (HSF) Company formed in Home Service Force .
1986-88 Companies reorganised: C (City of London) Company at Balham, London, transferred 16 May 1988 as C Company 8th Battalion, The Queen's Fusiliers .
. HQ (Warwickshire) Company at Coventry, Warwickshire .
. A Company at Sparkbrook, Warwickshire, formed 1 Apr. 1986 from pln of B Coy .
. B (Warwickshire) Company at Coventry and Sheldon, Warwickshire .
. C Company at Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, redesignation of C Coy, 4th Bn The Queen's Lancashire Regt .
. D (Lancashire) Company at Bury, Lancashire .
. G (HSF) Company .
1992.12 Companies reorganised in three rifle company establishment: C Coy at Ashton-under-Lyne disbanded 16 Nov. 1992; D Coy at Bury transferred Dec. 1992 as C Company 4th Bn, The Queen's Lancashire Regt; G (HSF) Coy disbanded 1992; resulting in an all-Warwickshire battalion: .
. HQ Company at Coventry .
. A Company at Sparkbrook .
. B Company at Sheldon .
. C Company at Shirley, Solihull, formed 16 Nov. 1992 by redesignation of C Coy, 4th Bn, The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment .
1997.04.23 Battalion redesignated 5th (Warwickshire) Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (V) .
1999.07.01 The West Midlands Regiment formed with HQ at Wolseley House, Wolverhampton, by amalgamation of 5th Bn The Royal Regt of Fusiliers (V), 5th Bn The Light Infantry (V) and 3rd (V) Bn The Staffordshire Regt  
. HQ disbanded and companies reorganised: HQ Coy amalgamated with B Coy to form A Company, The West Midlands Regiment; A Coy and C Coy disbanded .
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