East Lancashire Regiment

Dates Locations Higher Formation/Remarks
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. 4th Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment .
1947.01.01 Reconstituted in T.A. with HQ at Blackburn 127 (East Lancashire) Infantry Brigade
. A Company at Darwen .
. B Company at Accrington .
. C Company at Burnley .
. D Company at Blackburn .
1958.07.01 transferred to the corps of The Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers) without change of title .
1967.04.01 Disbanded and concurrently reconstituted as .
. part of HQ Company (Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Volunteers), Lancastrian Volunteers in TAVR II at Warrington, but effectively losing East Lancashire affiliation [see 4th Bn The South Lancashire Regt] .
. 4th (Territorial) Battalion, The East Lancashire Regiment in TAVR III with HQ at Blackburn .
. A Company (4th East Lancashire Regiment) at Blackburn, successor to 4th Bn The East Lancashire Regt .
. B Company (The Lancashire Fusiliers) at Rochdale, partial successor to 5th (Bury) Bn The Lancashire Fusiliers .
. C Company (4th East Lancashire Regiment) at Burnley, successor 4th Bn The East Lancashire Regt .
. D Company (The Bolton Artillery) at Bolton, successor to 253 Field Regt RA (the Bolton Artillery) .
1969.04.01 TAVR III element reduced to cadre as 4th Battalion The East Lancashire Regiment at Blackburn, sponsored by 38 Signal Regiment (V); less some personnel to form 93 (East Lancashire) Signal Squadron 38 Signal Regiment (V) and E Company Lancastrian Volunteers at Lancaster and Barrow-in-Furness, the latter effectively losing its East Lancashire affiliation .
1971.04.01 reorganised as two companies: .
. A (East Lancashire) Company, 2nd Battalion, Lancastrian Volunteers at Burnley with det at Haslingden, reconstituted from cadre .
. 93 (East Lancashire) Signal Squadron, 38 Signal Regiment (V) at Blackburn with Troop in Manchester .
1973.10.08 A Coy omitted subtitle .
1975.04.01 2nd Bn Lancastrian Volunteers redesignated as 4th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Queen's Lancashire Regiment [q.v. for continuing central Lancashire lineages] .
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