RPC Companies 263 to 517

Unit Location Remarks/Sub-Units
263 Company
c1949 England: Long Marston Airfield Handling railway lines and Bailey bridges
  Aug 56: Mobilised for Suez Part of 30 Group
  Nov 56: Embarked on 'Asturias  
  10 Nov 56: Landed Port Said  
  22 Dec 56: Embarked for UK  
c1958 England: Kimberly Lines, Longmoor Part of 52 Group: 
  Mar 60: Disbanded  
276 Company
c1947- England: Atcham Camp, Shrewsbury Part of 23 Group: As Western Command Labour Pool
323 Company
c1949 England: Ripon, Yorkshire? Clearing ammunition and supporting the School of Mechanical Engineering at Ripon
  ??: Disbanded  
331 Company
c1947- England: Craven Arms Part of 23 Group
371 Company
c1949 England: Thornwood Camp, Epping with dets at Harwich Transit Centre, Thetford, Chatham and Queen Alexandra's Military Hospital, Millbank  
c1953-1959 England: Dovercourt, Harwich Independent
  ??: Disbanded  
405 Company
c1947 England: Hudswell Camp, Corsham Part of 52 Group: On ammunition duties
  cAug 1961: Disbanded  
412 Company
c1947- Scotland: Stranraer Part of 105 Group
  ??: Disbanded  
516 Company
c1947- England: Part of 36 Group
  ??: Disbanded  
517 Company
c1947- England: Part of 36 Group
  ??: Disbanded