51st Regiment RA

51st Coast Regiment Royal Artillery
Dates Locations Batteries

RHQ 1st Medium Regiment RA redesignated RHQ 51st Coast Regiment RA with 73 and 182 Coast Btys from 1Bty of 1/3 Med Bty and 5 Bty of 5/22 Med Bty, respectively. (Personnel from Aden Fire Command)   
1947.04 Aden – Steamer Point (RHQ), Fort Morbut and Fort Goldmour. 73 and 182 Coast Btys
  1 Apr 53: RHQ S/A, 73 Bty converted to 73 Maint Bty (S/A 31/3/57, later in 16 Regt), 182 Bty reduced to cadre and returned to UK (later in 75 Regt).  
  Mar 1958 - Disbanded  

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