4th Regiment RHA

  4th Anti -Tank Regiment Royal Horse Artillery  
Dates Locations Batteries - Equipment
1947.04 Germany: Dorset Bks, Kiel F, Q, Y and Z Btys RHA. M44 SP Guns & Archer 17 Pdrs
  Apr 47: Retitled 4th Field Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. Q Bty moved to 10th Anti-Tank Regt, Y and Z Btys to 21st Anti-Tank Regiment. Received V and W Btys F, V and W Btys. 25pdr
1948.07 England: Alma Bks, Blackdown  F, V and W Btys. 25pdr
  1 Oct 48: W Bty to 6 Regt as W Bty RA in exchange for N Bty which joined as N Bty RHA F, N and V Btys
1951.03 Germany: Campbell Bks, Hohne  Sexton
  3 Dec 51: P Field Bty ex 6 Regt joined the Regt in exchange for V as a field bty F, N and P Btys
  1955: Re-equipped with Cardinal M44, Centurion (OPs)  
  1 Feb 58: I and G Btys joined Regt as RHA btys from 2nd & 5th Field Regts in exchange for ‘N’ and ‘P’ Btys respectively F, G and I Btys
  1961: It was decided to make the existing 'Gunner' Parachute Regiment, 33rd Para Light Regt RA into an RHA Regiment, to do this would mean using one of the present RHA Regiments. 4 RHA was chosen to provide the Batteries for this new Regiment which was to be known as 7th Regt RHA. Handed over its guns and equipment to 25 Fd Regt RA at Hohne in May and embarked for the UK and Barton Stacey Camp near Andover in   Hampshire.  On the 27th June 1961 the   Property, Silver, History and Traditions of 'F', 'G' and 'I' Batteries were transferred from 4th RHA to the newly formed 7th RHA. The Officers and Men staying at Barton Stacey to form the new   4th Fld Regt RA, comprising: 29 (Corruna) Medium Bty RA (from 33rd), 88   (Arracan) Fd Bty RA (from SA), 97 Bty ( Lawsons Company) RA (from 33rd).  

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