2nd Regiment RHA

2nd Field Regiment Royal Horse Artillery
Dates Locations Batteries - Equipment
1946 Palestine H, I and L Fd Btys RHA
    25pdr / Sexton
1947 Palestine or Retford? H, I and L Fd Btys RHA
    25pdr / Sexton
1948 England: Retford? H, I and L Fd Btys RHA
    25pdr / Sexton
1950 Germany: Tofrek Bks, Hildesheim  25pdr / Sexton
  1951: O Battery joined the Regt from 6 Field Regt in exchange for H Bty I, L and O Fd Btys RHA
  1957: Sexton withdrawn early in year. 25pdr
  Feb 1958: Renamed 2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery  

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