2nd Regiment RA

2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
Dates Locations Batteries - Equipment
2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery formed by renaming 2nd Field Regiment Royal Horse Artillery, L & O Btys converted to field btys, N Battery joins the Regiment from 4th Regt RHA   in exchange for I Bty  
1958.02 Germany: Tofrek Bks, Hildesheim  L, N and O Fd   Btys. 25pdr
Malaya: Old Convent, Taiping with one bty stationed at Ipoh
L, N and O Fd Btys. 25pdr &   4.2" Mortar (L & N Bty) 5.5" Gun (O Bty)
1961.11 England: Roman Way Camp, Colchester  L, N and O Fd Btys. 105mm Pack   Howitzer
  Nov 1961: Renamed 2nd Air-Portable Regiment RA  
1962.07 or   1965.02 England: Cavalry or Kirkee Bks, Colchester L, N and O Fd Btys. 105mm Pack   Howitzer
  Jan - May 64: Nicosia, Cyprus (Mar to May on UN duties)  
  Mar 1964: Renamed 2nd Light Regiment RA L, N and O Lt Btys
  Mar 64: 25pdr (N Bty & O Bty)  
1965.08 Germany: Portsmouth Bks, Munster  
  Aug 1965: Renamed 2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery L, N and O Fd Btys. Abbot
1968.02 England: Barford Camp, Barnard Castle L, N and O Fd Btys. Abbot
1971.01 Germany: Peninsula Bks, Hemer  L, N and O Fd Btys. Abbot
  16 Mar - 21 Jul 72: Northern Ireland Tour - Belfast (Lisburn/Dunmurry/Andersonstown)  
  3 Sep 73 - 4 Jan 74: Northern Ireland - Long Kesh  
  5 Jul - 6 Nov 75: Northern Ireland Tour – Londonderry  
  29 Mar - 28 Jul 77: Northern Ireland Tour - Lurgan/Long Kesh  
1977.09 Germany: Ubique Bks, Dortmund L, N and O Fd Btys. Abbot
  Dec 77: 111 Bty joined regt from 36 Regt L, N, O and 111 Fd Btys
England: Roberts Bks, Larkhill (Support Regiment): O Bty as AMF(L) L, N, O and 111 Fd Btys. Abbot, 105mm Light Gun (L Bty) Equipped by RSA (N Bty) 105mm Light Gun (AMF(L)) (O   Bty)
  Aug 79: 111 Bty to 19 Regt. L, N and O Fd Btys
  Sep 79: Renamed 2nd Support Regiment RA L, N and O Btys
  1982: Support Regiment Royal School of Artillery formed. Received 46 Bty from 32nd Regt  
1982.03 Germany: Waterloo Bks, Munster  
  Mar 1982: Renamed 2nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery 46, L, N and O Fd Btys. M109 A2,   Blowpipe (46 Bty): 
  Aug 1983 - Northern Ireland (L Bty)  
  1985: Javelin  (46 Bty) M109 A2, Javelin (46 Bty): 
  Mar 1987 - Northern Ireland (O Bty)  
  Dec 1989 - Cyprus UN  
  Dec 1990 - Gulf War (46 & O Bty)  
  Jan 1993 - Northern Ireland  
  31 Dec 1993: Suspended Animation, L & O Bty’s to 1 RHA, N Bty to 3 RHA, 46 Bty to 32 Regt  

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