10th Regiment RA

  10th Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery  
Dates Locations Batteries - Equipment
1947.04 Germany: Caprivi Bks, Osnabruck  Q, X and Z Atk Btys
  Due to manning problems in early 1947, 10 Regt were operating with only RHQ and Q Bty  
1947.07 Germany: Dragoona Bks, Oldenburg: Carerra Bks, Oldenburg (Q Bty) Q, X and Z Atk Btys
  Sept 47: Strength increased to RHQ, Q & Z Btys  
1947.12 Germany: Ubique Bks, Dortmund Q, X and Z Atk Btys
  End of 47: Strength increased to RHQ, Q, X & Z Btys  
1950.10 Germany: Hobart Bks, Detmold Q, X and Z Atk Btys
    25pdr / Sexton
  Oct 50: Retitled 10th Field Regiment RA, equipped with 25 pdr/Sexton. Z A/Tk Bty became ‘Z’ Lt Mortar Bty and became independent, the other btys became fld btys, Y Bty reformed. Q, X and Y Fd Btys
  15 Dec 1957: Regiment into Suspended Animation. Q Bty reduced to cadre and moved to 5 Regt RA later, X & Y Bty placed in suspended animation (both disbanded 1/1/62)  
  Apr 58: RHQ disbanded.  







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