15 Ordnance Group

15 Ordnance Group RAOC

15 Advance Ordnance Depot RAOC                            Antwerp,Belgium

(i)         Originally one of four AODs established under command of DOS 21 Army Group; at the end of WW2 found the Depot located inAntwerp,Belgium.  By December 1945 the Depot had been redesignated as:

15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC                 Antwerp,Belgium

(ii)         In December 1945 the Depot HQ moved to Glinde, nearHamburg,Germanyand was redesignated as shown below.  The move to Glinde was completed in September 1946 and the Depot premises in Antwerp were de-requisitioned on 19 September 1946.

From the time the Depot HQ moved to Glinde, the elements which remained inBelgiumwere referred to as 15 Rear Ordnance Depot.  In the Glinde, Hamburg area the Depot comprised:

-   Depot Headquarters                                    Glinde,Hamburg

-   No 1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot         Glinde, Hamburg

-   No 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot                  Glinde, Hamburg

-   15 Returned Stores Depot                             Hamburg

-   17 Returned Stores Depot    

-   No 3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot                Hamburg

-   RAOC Block Training Centre             Rotenburg

In December 1946 the Depot was redesignated 15 BOD:

15 Base Ordnance Depot RAOC                                   Glinde,Hamburg (BAOR 3)

(iii)        In 1950 2 Division Ordnance Depot became No 5 (Stores Transit) Sub-Depot

In 1950 17 Returned Stores Depot became:

-   4 (17 RSD) Sub-Depot                                  Vinnhorst,Hannover(BFPO 33)


No 4 Returned Stores Group,

(No 1 Returned Stores Company)            or

No 4 (General Stores) Returned Stores

Group (No 1 Returned Stores Company)

by1956 had become:

No 4 Sub-Depot.

refer to Note (ix) for further details.

(iv)        In 1951 No 2 (GS) and No 4 (17 RSD) Sub-Depots amalgamated as No 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot, Returned Stores Group.

(v)         The Depot designation changed again upon the transfer of the main depot function toAdv Base,Belgium.  The move took place between July 1951 and 1952 and was to enable the Depot to take up a new role as a "mothballed" depot to stock war maintenance reserves.  The stores backing for indigenous vehicles and the MT and TS Returned Stores Groups (RSGs) moved to Mönchen-Gladbach and Viersen respectively.  No 2 (GS) Sub-Depot moved to Belgium, but left its RSG and Camp Stores Group in Hannover.  Part of the function at Glinde also moved to Viersen.

1/7/1951 revised Establishment


(L/362 BAOR GRO 7263 dated 18/5/1951)

Depot redesignated as:

15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC                  Adv Base,Emblem,Belgium

1/9/1959 to Viersen (BFPO 40)

(vi)        1/12/1952 Establishment cancelled (EU/999/1) (Establishments List 465 in BAOR GRO 9087/53 dated 19/6/1953)  In its place was Establishment EU/405/1 revised with effect from the same date but not located in AB(BF).

1952 ex-Glinde

1/4/1953 Establishment approved:

(Establishments List 407, BAOR GRO 8013/52 dated 4 April 1952)

15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC BFMA BAOR

(ex-15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC)

That part at Emblem later referred to as:

15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC (20 Battalion RAOC)

6/8/1953 Establishment approved

1/9/1959 to Viersen

(vii)       Sub-Depots c.1951-1955:

No 1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot              Glinde,Hamburg(BAOR 3)

1952 toAdv Base,Belgium

No 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot                        formerly Tentage Depot, 17 RSD

Vinhorst Bks,Hannover(BAOR 5)

1955 to Adv Base, Belgium

No 2 Sub-Depot (General Stores Company)

Rhine Sub-Depot                                                Mönchen-Gladbach (BAOR 34)

(No 2 Returned Stores Company)                  1953 named Cardwell Bks

No 3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot                     Glinde,Hamburg(BAOR 3)

-?- toAdv Base,Belgium

- - - - - - - - - -

By 1953 the following organisation appears to be in existence:

No 4 (Mechanical Transport) RSG                       Viersen, Mönchen-Gladbach (BAOR 34)

No 4 (Technical Stores) RSG                              Viersen, Mönchen-Gladbach (BAOR 34)

No 4 (General Stores) RSG                                 Vinhorst Bks, Hannover (BAOR 5)

- - - - - - - - - -

No 5 Stores Transit Sub-Depot

(viii)       1954-59 period: there were five purpose built sites south east ofAntwerpin the Lier area: 1, 2, 3 Sub-Depots, 5 (Stores Transit) Sub-Depot and a mobilisation sub-depot known as 6 (Reserves) Sub-Depot.

Remaining inGermanywere the General Stores and Clothing RSG, Tentage and Camp Equipment Group in 4 Sub-Depot atHannover(Vinnhorst Barracks and Wemmingen).  Rhine Sub-Depot comprised Indigenous MT and TS Sub-Depots in the Woollen Factory, Mönchen-Gladbach and MT and TS RSGs (known as 7 (Mechanical Transport) RSG and 8 (Technical Stores) RSG) in Kaisers Kaffee Factory, Viersen and Witten-Annen.

The depots inGermanyremained fully active as did 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot in the Advanced Base.  The remaining sub-depots were inactive and were held in a “mothballed” state in the Advanced Base.  Maintenance of MT and TS spares and stores for BAOR came direct from the UK.

(ix)        c.1956/7 Depot stated to comprise:

No 1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot

No 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot

No 3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot

Rhine Sub-Depot

No 4 (Mechanical Transport) & (Technical Stores) Returned Stores Group

No 4 (General Stores) Returned Stores Group

(x)        15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot (Main)


On 1 April 1959 No 1 (MT) Sub-Depot became fully activated at Viersen.

On 1 September 1959 the Depot HQ moved toViersen,Germany(BFPO 40) and became known as 15 ABOD (Main).  HQ 15 ABOD, 1 (MT) and 3 (TS) Sub-Depots (which were then fully re-activated) moved from Belgium to Viersen to join what was known as Rhine Sub-Depot in the newly built depot complex.  2 (GS) and 6 (Reserves) Sub-Depots remained in Belgium as part of 15 ABOD (Rear).  As a consequence the Depot was organised as follows:

-    Depot HQ                                                                   Viersen(BFPO 40)

-    No 1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot                          Viersen (BFPO 40)

-    No 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot                                   Advanced Base (BFPO 21)

-    No 3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot                                Viersen (BFPO 40)

-    No 4 Sub-Depot                                                            Hannover (BFPO 33)

-    No 5 (Stores Transit) Sub-Depot                                    Advanced Base (BFPO 21)

-    No 6 (Reserves) Sub-Depot                                           Advanced Base (BFPO 21)

-    No 7 (Mechanical Transport) Returned Stores Group        Viersen (BFPO 40)

-    No 8 (Technical Stores) Returned Stores Group             Viersen(BFPO 40)

(BAOR GRO 4530/59 dated 21 August 1959)

(xi)        15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC (Rear)

Location: Emblem,Antwerp,Belgium (BFPO 21)

1 September 1959 that above organisation was formed from those elements which remained in Emblem, Belgium when the Depot HQ moved to Viersen, Germany(BFPO 40) viz:

-   2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot

-   5 (Stores Transit) Sub-Depot

-   6 (Reserves) Sub-Depot

(xii)       In October 1960 “long term storage plan” proposals included the following set-up:



7 (Mechanical Transport) Returned Stores Group

8 (Technical Stores) Returned Stores Group

approximately one half 1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot

approximately one half 3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot

Recklinghausen outstation

Ratingen outstation

Industrial Gas Section in 17 RVD

Advanced Base,Emblem,Belgium:

6 (Reserves) Sub-Depot


approximately one half 1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot

approximately one half 3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot

approximately one half 2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot

4 Sub-Depot, Returned Stores Group

5 (Stores Transit) Sub-Depot

oustations at Münster and Wulfen (due to the disbandment of 50 Command Ordnance Depot (less P&SS) and Forward Stores Depot)

Rhine Sub-Depot moved from Mönchen-Gladbach toViersenduring the period July 1958 and March 1959.  The organisation at Viersen continued to be known as Rhine Sub-Depot until such time as the Depot HQ moved to Viersen.

(xiii)      On 1 October 1962 certain of the returned stores functions formerly carried out at the Returned Stores Sub-Depot (4 Sub-Depot) at Hannover were transferred to Viersen.  As a result the Hannover sub-depot was redesignated as:

-   5 (CampStores) Sub-Depot                         Hannover(BFPO 33)

[still there c.1966/7]

As a consequence of the move of the returned stores function, 7 (MT) and 8 (TS) Sub-Depots, Returned Stores Group, located at Viersen were combined as:


-   4 (Returned Stores) Sub-Depot                      Viersen (BFPO 40)

(BAOR GRO 7055/62 dated 19 October 1962)

(xiv)      15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot (Forward)


1 December 1963 formed when Depot took over the role of all RAOC stores functions in BAOR and Forward Stores Depot, Münster and Accommodation Stores Depot Bielefeld placed under 15 ABOD command [1963-64 RAOC Gazette]. 15 ABOD (Fwd) formed by combining a number of formerly independent units under a single HQ and including the whole under the 15 ABOD complex.  Sub-depots were widely scattered over northern Germany:

-   HQ at FSD Münster;

-   Accommodation Stores Depot at Brixton Bks, Bielefeld;

-   Reproduction Section at Bielefeld;

-   5 (Camp Stores) Sub-Depot at Hannover (BFPO 33);

-   Glinde Sub-Depot.

(xv)       c.1964/1965 showed 15 ABOD to comprise:

-   15 ABOD (Main)                                         Viersen,Germany

1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot

3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot

4 (Returned Stores) Sub-Depot

-   15 ABOD (Forward)                                      Münster, Germany

Forward Stores Depot                                  Münster

Accommodation Stores Depot                   Bielefeld

Reproduction Centre                                    Bielefeld

5 (Camp Stores) Sub-Depot                       Hannover

ASD Sub-Depot                                              Glinde

-   15 ABOD (Rear)                                           Emblem, Advanced Base, Belgium

2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot                      Emblem, Advanced Base, Belgium

6 (Reserves) Sub-Depot                                Emblem, Brochem and Lier

(xvi)      16 February 1966 the following three units were amalgamated as 15 ABOD; this involved the disbandment of the latter two units as separate units:

-   15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC

-   11 Accommodation Stores Depot RAOC        Münster

-   Forward Stores Depot RAOC                            Bielefeld

15 ABOD, as reconstituted, comprised:

-   HQ and Main                                                        Viersen, Germany

-   Forward                                                                Münster, Germany

-   Rear                                                                      Emblem, Belgium

(GS146 in BAOR GRO 198/67 dated 24 March 1967)

(xvii)      As a result of an internal reorganisation the following two sub-depots ceased to exist:

-   1 (Mechanical Transport) Sub-Depot

-   3 (Technical Stores) Sub-Depot

The remaining sub-depots continued as before, but were redesignated as follows:

-   2 (General Stores) Sub-Depot

became: General Stores Sub-Depot (GSSD)

-   4 (Returned Stores) Sub-Depot

became: Returned Stores Sub-Depot (RSSD), 15 ABOD (Main), BFPO 40

(BAOR GRO 480/67 dated 15 August 1967)

(xviii)     30 Company WRAC ceased to exist as a separate unit and became an integral part of 15 ABOD with effect from 1 October 1967.

(xix)      In December 1968 Glinde was handed back to the German government.

(GS14 BAOR GRO 736/67 dated 15 December 1967)

(xx)       1 August 1969 Depot redesignated:

15 Base Ordnance Depot RAOC

The reorganisation of 15 BOD into a two depot complex was completed in January 1973 and resulted in the following organisation:


-   MT and Technical Stores Group

-   Printing and Stationery Group

-   Returned Stores Group


-   General Stores Group

-   Reserve Stores Group

-   Camp and Repair Group

The Camp Stores Sub-Depot at Hannover and the Accommodation Stores Sub-Depot atBielefeldboth moved to Dülmen and merged as the Camp and Repair Group.

Plans for a new depot complex at Dülmen were first proposed in 1959.  These were subject to subsequent re-examination and re-evaluation of the requirement.  It was not until May 1969 that the first storehouse was completed and handed over to the RAOC.  The last storehouse was completed in 1972 and the barracks completed in August 1973.

This enabled the Depot to concentrate its various elements into just two locations (Viersenand Dülmen).  Concentration was achieved in various phases, beginning in August 1969 with the move of pre-stocked unit equipments from Belgium to Dülmen, which was completed some two months later.  During 1971/72 the Camp Stores Sub-Depot at Hannover and the Accommodation Stores Repair Sub-Depot at Bielefeld were closed and their functions transferred to Dülmen.  In October 1973 the RAOC Trade Training Wing moved from Viersen to Dülmen.

With effect from 1 March 1973 15 BOD assumed responsibility for the Disposals Organisation atHamm.

Adjacent to the stores depot was Tower Barracks which contained the administrative accommodations, Messes and barracks.  On 2 April 1974 the C-in-C BAOR officially opened Tower Barracks and 15 BOD at Dülmen.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ordnance Services Viersen RAOC                               Hilsea Bks, Viersen

(i)         Located at Hilsea Barracks,Viersenwhich were constructed in 1955 and originally housed 15 Advanced Base Ordnance Depot RAOC.

(ii)         The following changes took place atViersen:

1968: Central Distribution Point 1 (CDP1) established

1971: Stationery Group moved to Viersen from Munster

1973: Inventory Control Point (ICP) established

1974: 15 ABOD redesignated Stores Sub-Depot Viersen prior to opening of FOD Dulmen

1979: Stores Sub-Depot Viersen redesignated Base Ordnance Depot Viersen

1982: BOD Viersen redesignated as Ordnance Services Viersen

          and ICP became an independent unit

(iii)        Ord Services Viersen and ICP RAOC BAOR were both disbanded on 31 March 1992.  A formal disbandment parade was held on 27 March 1992.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Forward Ordnance Depot (Peace Cadre)                     Wulfen

By 1950 to Münster (BAOR 17)

23/5/1960 redesignated: (L/661)

Forward Ordnance Depot RAOC                                  by 1/1972 to Dülmen

No 1 Company                                                 Wulfen


(i)         1/10/1959 formed by the redesignation of Stores Coy, 1 (BR) Corps Ord Maint Pk RAOC at Wulfen as FSD (Peace Cadre) (L/642).

(ii)         23/5/1960 FSD (Peace Cadre) became FSD (L/661).

(iii)        1/12/1963 became part of a new organisation of 15 ABOD, grouped under 15 ABOD (Fwd).  Amalgamated with 50 Comd Ord Depot.

(iv)        The detachment at Wulfen was run down 1962-63.

(v)         The Depot at Dülmen was planned in the late 1950’s to replace four Ordnance depots at Hannover,Bielefeld, Glinde and Münster.  Construction started in 1964 and the first storehouse was occupied in May 1969.  The Depot was completed in January 1972. 

See Note (xx) under 15 BOD above

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