Dates Location Remarks
  28 Indian General Hospital (Later BMH)    
1945 Bowen Road, Hong Kong  
  42 Military Hospital  
  Palestine: Haifa  
  97 Military Hospital  
c1946 Greece: Kiffissa  
  BMH ??  
c1948 Egypt: outside TEK Garrison  
  BMH Benghazi  
c1960's Libya: Wavell Bks Benghazi   
  BMH Berlin  
c1949 - 1990's Berlin  
  BMH Bowen Road  
c1910 - c1966 Hong Kong: Bowen Road  
  BMH Colchester  
1960's England: Colchester  
  BMH Cowglen  
?? - 1960's Scotland: Glasgow  
  BMH Dhekelia    
1977-80 Cyprus: Dhekelia  
  BMH El Ballah  
c1948 Egypt: El Ballah, Canal Zone  
  BMH Fayid  
c1953-55 Egypt: Fayid, Canal Zone  
  BMH Gaza  
  BMH Gibraltar   
1950 - 1963 Gibraltar  
  BMH Hamburg  
c1949 - 1950's Germany: Hamburg  
  BMH Hannover  
1950's - 1970's Germany: Hannover BFPO 33
  BMH Hong Kong  
Jun 67 -  Hong Kong: Kowloon  
  BMH Iserlohn   
1970's Germany: Iserlohn BFPO 24
  BMH Kamunting  
1950's -1960's Malaya: near Taiping, Perak  
  BMH Kinrara  
1950's -1960's Malaya:   
  BMH Kluang   
1950's -1970 Malaya: Johore 40 beds c1968
  BMH Mount Kellett   
?? - Sep 59 Hong Kong: Run by Royal Navy
Sep 59 - 1966 Hong Kong:  Run by RAMC & QARANC
  BMH Munster  
  Germany: Munster  
  BMH Nairobi  
c1963 Kenya: Nairobi  
  BMH Oldenburg  
1945 - 1950 Germany: Oldenburg  
  BMH Rinteln  
c1967 - 1990's Germany: Rinteln  
  BMH Singapore  
c1938 Singapore aka Alexandra Military Hospital
  1971: Handed over to Singapore  
  BMH Terendak  
  Malaya: Terendak 160 beds c1968
  BMH Tripoli   
  North Africa BFPO 57  
  British Military Maternity Hospital Penang   
?? Malaya: Penang  
  1971: Closed  
  Cambridge Military Hospital   
1879 England: Aldershot  
  1996: Closed  
  Catterick Military Hospital  
1915 - 1976 England: Catterick  
  1976: Closed when Duchess of Kent Military Hospital opened  
  Duchess of Kent Military Hospital   
1976.10.06 England: Catterick  
  1 July 1999: Closed   
  Colchester Military Hospital   
1856 England: Colchester  
  17 Dec 77: Closed: moved to QEMH, Woolwich  
  David Bruce Military Hospital  
c1945 Malta: Mtarfa From 90th General Hospital 
  Oct 1962 Handed over to RN Medical Service  
  Horley Military Hospital  
  England: Horley  
  King Edward's Military Hospital    
  Falkland Islands  
  Louise Margaret Maternity Hospital   
  England: Aldershot  
  Queen Alexandra Military Hospital  
1907 England: Millbank, London, SW1  
  1976: Closed: moved to QEMH, Woolwich  
  Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital   
1976 England: Woolwich  
  1996: Closed  
  Royal Herbert Hospital  
1960 England: Woolwich  
  1976: Closed: moved to QEMH, Woolwich  
  Royal Victoria Hospital  
?? England: Netley, Southampton  
  1976: Closed: moved to QEMH, Woolwich  
  Shorncliffe Military Hospital   
c1960s England: Shorncliffe  
  BMH Shorncliffe  
c1949 England: Shorncliffe  
  Tidworth Military Hospital   
1907 England: Tidworth  
  31 March 1977: Closed  

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